Kee doesnt fill anymore when multiple logins same url

The problem is simple:
I have a url that have multiple logins and they were setup to be filled automatically with login 1 and ignore the rest. Ofc when needed I could select other logins from the list.
This behavior worked OK until latest updates of kee firefox extension and keepassrpc.


Kee is latest version 3.5
KeepassRPC is latest version downloaded today 1.13
Kee already have this set:
Filling entries
When Kee chooses a matching login for a standard form, Kee should: Fill in the form
Take this automatic action even when multiple matching entries are found: checked on

Login 1 looks like in the image bellow.

Login 2 looks like in the image bellow.

The final result looks like this:

The final result should have login 1 filled already.

Thanks in advance,
Best regards Ciprian

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