Kee Chrome extension not working with Hulu

The issue I’m reporting, as I can’t find another way to report bugs, is that the Chrome Kee extension makes an infinite loop when logging in to Hulu via Hulu Login | Hulu URL. It keeps reloading the login page non-stop. If I use an Incognito window with Kee disabled, it works fine. It also works fine on Firefox without needing a Private window.

Kee Version 3.9.5
Windows 10, 21H2

Did you check the Troubleshooting steps?

Maybe you are auto-submitting your credentials and for whatever reason, Hulu doesn’t like it. Maybe you have different Kee options configured on Firefox compared to Chrome?

Or maybe another browser extension is conflicting with Kee.

Hi, @luckyrat. Thanks for responding. Yes, I checked the Troubleshooting steps and tested if another browser extension was conflicting with Kee. The issue cleared up about a month after posting this, so I’m not sure what it was. Thanks.

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