How do I keep logged into kee?

I only want to be prompted when I view or edit stored passwords. How can I accomplish this
I only use Kee anyway to store website passwords that are not that critical to me anyway.

Make sure you read the sections about being asked for passwords in Troubleshooting

Other than that, I’m not sure what you’re asking so more details would probably help others to understand what you want to do and offer suitable suggestions.

Okay. So what I learnt is that it’s beyond the scope of the tutorial:

So I guess I have to hunt down these options. I can’t see anything relevant though. There’s no “don’t lock workspace between after system shutdown” or similar option, that I can see.

Make sure you’re looking at KeePass options, not Kee - it’s nothing to do with Kee really.

That said, it sounds like you want to have access to your passwords even after a system restart? No password manager will offer this feature because it means that your passwords have zero protection and can be accessed by anyone.

If I’ve misunderstood your request, the KeePass forums can probably help further:

This is factually incorrect. Of course only I have access to it because it runs on my user account. Which is also protected by password, obviously. So I have little need to add kee’s master password every time.

(Now besides this, I wouldn’t mind some basic protection to prompt for the master password if I want to edit, or view the stored passwords. Not that I expect someone breaking into my place to find an unlocked computer. :slight_smile: )

You still don’t recognize that there is no Kee password at all !
The only master password required is from KeePass itself.
You may in your case use the Windows account as password
but thats a very dangerous feature in case of anything happens with this account.
So read the warnings about using this in the KeePass docu.

Thanks. I wasn’t mistaken. I wanted to bypass the KeePass password.
I’ve found the the windows account option since then and I use it. Though It’s still a tad pointless to press okay, every single time.
And option to just keeping the database open and prompting only when I want to view/edit the passwords would better. The windows account password’s protection is enough for what I use it.

Well, I’ll make backups by temporarily going back to a master password.