Error while first setup

Hello there, I just installed my new Firefox (58.0.1) and Kee (2.1.26) and KeePass 2.34 in Windows 10. If the Keepass program isn’t startet, the Addon tells (in german): Sie sind nicht an Ihrer Passwort-Datenbank angemeldet. KeePass starten um Kee zu aktivieren (You are not logged in to your password database. Start KeePass to activate Kee)
After starting Keepass with my Database it says:
Ein unerwarteter Fehler ist beim Verbindungsversuch mit Ihrer Passwort-Datenbank aufgetreten. Weitere Informationen werden folgen: See Kee log
(An unexpected error occurred while attempting to connect to your password database. More information will follow: See Kee log)
I have no clue what to do now. The KeePasRPC is installed in Keepass. I don’t know where I find the Kee log.
Can you help me? Which informations are further helpful and nessesary to resolv this issue?
Thank you for your repply!

This might be caused by the installation of Kee onto a Firefox profile that used to have KeeFox installed but did not receive updates for many years.

Please check which version of KeePassRPC you are running:

  1. In KeePass, go to the Tools menu and click “Plugins…”
  2. In the dialog that loads, find the entry for KeePassRPC and verify that it is at least

If it’s lower (older) than that, please follow the instructions in Upgrading KeePassRPC to get the latest version.

If that doesn’t work, the Kee log can be enabled from Kee Options. It defaults to “Warnings” which might already be enough depending on what is going wrong but you may need to enable Information or Debug mode.

You can then view the log by opening the browser console (Ctrl + Shift + J). It gets mixed in with all sorts of other log entries unfortunately but hopefully Firefox will improve this one day.

Sorry for the slow response - there wasn’t really much to go on from your message and it’s only in the past few days I’ve seen any other example of this “unexpected error” occurring.

It’s also probably worth considering refreshing your Firefox profile if the above does not help - it could have become corrupt over the years and be causing strange bugs that affect only some add-ons.