Contributions, bugs, help and support guidelines

This page outlines where you should look if you want to find or offer help or suggestions. If you’re interested in contributing financially you can donate.

Location / resource Purpose (use this when…)
GitHub issues and Pull Requests GitHub issues are for clear and well defined changes to Kee behaviour, appearance and code. Issues may not always be worked on immediately but if there is not a clear plan and need for a change, the issue may be closed, at least until the need or specification is more clearly evaluated on this forum.

Bear in mind that in the majority of cases, even “obvious” bugs and “easy” improvements require a fair amount of further information and input from other users before the relevant causes and most appropriate solution can be identified. We would like to keep such discussion in one place on this forum until we’re close to implementing a solution.

Generally, anything that resolves a GitHub issue is a good candidate for a Pull Request. You can of course submit any PR you wish but there is a risk they will be rejected if their contents has not already been discussed on this forum or on a GitHub issue so please bear that in mind before spending a ton of time on a PR.
Transifex localisation/translations All language translations must be submitted through Transifex.
Here, Everything else. Including:
  • Help using Kee
  • Documentation
  • Bug reports
  • Change proposals
  • Feature requests
  • Questions/comments about security(*)
  • Help developing/building Kee

(*) Note that sensitive issues should always be addressed via a private message.

More information

If you’re considering contributing to Kee (thanks!) you should first read the more detailed version at

Thank you for following these guidelines - it will help us to keep each discussion focussed in a single place and improve the project more quickly.

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