Change the way per-entry submission options behave?

I’m thinking of adding a new feature to Kee 3.1 that will be controlled by an option in the “Filling entries” part of Kee Options.

I would replace the text “You can override the “Kee chooses” behaviours above for individual entries in your password manager.” with the following text and checkbox option:

You can override the above behaviour in your password manager by editing individual entries.
x Only override the “Kee chooses” behaviour

In the context of that Options page, do you think it is clear what the new option will do?

Do you have any opinion on whether it should be enabled or disabled by default? The current behaviour is reproduced by enabling the option but I’m happy to change the behaviour for all users if there’s consensus that this would be a more intuitive way for the submit options to work.

This doesn’t completely make sense as is but I will be making a similar change in Kee 3.2, tracked on GitHub:

I’ll enable the new behaviour by default.