2-step authentication


I was wondering if you have any plans to implement 2-step authentication like Google Authenicator for logging into keevault?

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Kee Vault doesn’t suffer from the class of security limitations present in most online services which require 2FA mitigation. So no, there are no current plans to develop this unnecessary barrier.

There’s more discussion about this topic at https://forum.kee.pm/t/2fa-mfa-in-kee-vault/2073 and I’d recommend continuing the discussion there if required but just to elaborate on the specific point about Google Authenticator: that is a time-dependant authentication service so it is technically impossible to directly use this 2FA source to protect your stored passwords (it would have to just reveal a further secret which never changes and is no more secure than the 256bit secret key(s) that Kee Vault already employs).