Username not what I want

I have two accounts at the same website. I login with UserName1 about 95% of the time. However, UserName2 is the one the invariably pops up in the username field; I must go to the picklist to change it to the “correct” one.
Is there anyway that I can set a preference for which username to default to?

If there are any differences about the login form on the website then you could look at adjusting the URL for each entry, or the form field configurations. However, if it’s all exactly the same then typically one would just select the entry that you want from the matched logins list.

If you really want to get rid of that extra click, try configuring the Priority for both entries. This doesn’t work in Kee Vault and is likely to be disabled in KeePass at some point in the future - it’s just too easy to make a huge mess when using this “override” feature so I will most likely remove the feature entirely one day. In the mean time, this could be what you’re looking for but maybe add some other visible note to the entry to help you remember you set an override in case a future update causes any confusion.

The trick to understanding how the priority system works, and how it can be confusing, is to realise that the priorities are fixed numbers but that the ordering based upon that priority will only be calculated once the full list of matching entries has been determined. Since the number of matches can change for a variety of reasons, the effect of the priority number configuration can also change. For a simple website with 2 entries that are never used on any other similar (or even dissimilar) URLs and when this is the only time you use the override, it shouldn’t be a big deal.