Username and password references not handled well (Duplicate Key) (SOLVED)

Sometimes two (or more) websites share one and the same database to store user information such as usernames and passports. A real life example is and For this situation, I use ‘Duplicate entry (Ctrl+K)’ in Keepass. I also selected ‘Replace user names and passwords by references’. After that I changed the Title and Url to match the second website. I expected Kee to find the duplicated entry (it did!) and use the username and password from the entry that it referred too. Sadly, it doesn’t. It copies the reference-codes for my username and my password instead and I cannot login with those. Is this an issue that can be solved? I can work around this problem, but it would be fantastic if I hadn’t to.

Sorry! I did use the search function before writing my opening post, but I did not find the threat that already existed about this topic and contains the solution. Now, it works perfectly!

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I’ve added a “references” tag to the solution documentation in the hope that this aids future searches :slight_smile: