Theoldreader website login automation fail


there seems to be a problem with for login. For some reason my full name (‘Patrick Byrne’) is inserted into the username field instead of my actual username in keepass2. I don’t know where it gets my full name from, it isn’t in the keepass data.

I can login by typing my username and overriding the full name.

Could a workaround be put into the kee plugin so it copes with this website?


The capital ‘T’ in ‘Theoldreader’ was added by the forum website, not me, obv. The URL is

The password field IS filled in correctly.

Hi Patrick,

It works for me.

I entered a username/password into, saved the password entry into KeePass and then reloaded the page. Both fields were filled in correctly.

I guess that you saved the entry into KeePass after performing the initial signup, thereby storing a lot of other signup fields into the entry. Look in the Kee > Form fields tab of the entry in KeePass and you’ll probably find them there.


Hi Chris,

yes you are quite right. I found it in a ‘KRPC JSON’ field on the Advanced tab in keepass2.

Thanks very much!