Structured approach to Investigate and Correct Weird Firefox/Addons - (keepass issuing codes for opened kee code input window-> entering that only to open new kee window and all this repeating few times until the code is finally accepted in Kee

tried to login into

Debugger Console in Firefox 57.0.4. 64 bit:

Source map error: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.
Resource URL: moz-extension://c808836d-2755-4558-beb5-66f294c58d04/common/common.js
Source Map URL:

Kee makes some problem apparently. whatever, just would like everything to be alright, so I report on what is in front of me right now.

The source map error should cause no problems (unless you are trying to debug the stable version of Kee) and in any case should be resolved in the next release - see

I think you are saying that you have a problem with the way Kee works on though? If so, please can you provide more information and some detailed steps to reproduce the problem you see… after looking at the relevant part of the troubleshooting guide of course.

yes thanks for pointing the links.

my humble contribs will hopefully prove useful)