Specific Website Settings not deleted?

I’ve tried to whitelist the Login-Fields “Lesernummer” and “Passwort” on http://www.stadt.lueneburg.de/ratsbuecherei/index.aspx which didn’t work as expected.

After I couldn’t seem to get it to work I tried to delete the URL from Kee > Specific Settings, but it seems there are still some entries stored which prevent Kee from Showing the Kee-symbol on that page.

Is there any way to see wether there are still specific settings active?

Wouldn’t it be a better UX if the saved specific Websites would be listed instead of searched? And if you disagree wouldn’t it be better UX to make the search field partial search?

It is a partial search - after the first two characters it will show any entries that start with those characters.

There’s no other user-facing way to see the entries but I agree it would be good to make existing entries discoverable in other ways such as https://github.com/kee-org/browser-addon/issues/93

That’s still awaiting a final decision on the design before someone can implement it and I’m not expecting to focus on it myself in the foreseeable future but am happy to help others specify and implement the improvement.

If you’re comfortable with developer tools, you could enable add-on debugging at about:debugging#addons , click the link to debug Kee and then type configManager.current.siteConfig into the Console in order to see the active per-site configuration and from there work out what to type in the search box to find any stray items.

Thx for the fast reply.

Ok, so I tried “http”, “www”, and also “stadt” and nothing shows up. But neither does the Key-Symbol. Any clue here? I already uninstalled and reinstalled Kee but to no avail.

Tried the debugging, but the string wasn’t found.

If typing configManager.current doesn’t work then you must have been putting it into the wrong console (there are various types in Firefox that you get to from different menu items and shortcuts so it’s easy to end up with the wrong one for the particular debugging task you’re attempting). configManager.current.siteConfig may be missing if there is no site-specific configuration (although perhaps only when there has never been any configuration - I can’t recall the details of that now).

It sounds like the site-specific settings part of this might be a red herring, although it is strange that you say in your first post that this problem with the Kee logo not appearing in the form field is only since you experimented with site-specific settings.

It would be worth checking if you modified the whitelist and blacklist settings that apply to all sites - if the form was previously being whitelisted and now is not, or is now being blacklisted, that would explain the problem.

There are some fixes in version 2.4 that could potentially relate to this problem too. You can switch to the beta version to test the changes now by installing the signed beta XPI from https://github.com/kee-org/browser-addon/releases/latest

Otherwise, v2.4 is likely to be pushed out to all users in the next week or two.