[Solved] Kee autofills also expired entries - how does Kee choose if multiple fits exist?

first of all - congrats to your good addon.

I very much like to autofill feature.
For some sites I have multiple entries in my Keepass DB, eg for my local NAS I have a user for myself and one for my girlfriend.
I should default the one for me and not the one for my girlfriend.
How does Kee choose its default to use for the autofill ?

Would it be possible to adopt to KeePass’s sort sequence ?

I even tried to expire all other entries (date expiration of Keepass), but Kee does not check for expiration.

Any possibilities to help me please ?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards

You can select the default one by setting it’s Auto-Fill value to Always.

And you can reorder them too by applying a Priority to all entries for the same page.

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Thank you. Works like a charm !
Sorry that I did not find it myself :wink: