Site in post will not save password

Normally when I enter a password at a new site I am able to have keepass save it. I just click the key icon and select “save latest login” and it is now in the database. I am not able to do that on this particular site. I enter my password and login but when clicking the key icon I am not given the option to “save latest login”. This is the only site I have had this happen on. Why won’t keypass save the login for this site?

Yes, indeed for some time now the plugin doesn’t work for me either.
It works on some sites and not on others…
The old entries already registered in my keepass work and I can connect to these sites, but as soon as I create a new account it does not offer me to register it when I click on the kee plugin.
Before he used to put me in “save the last ID”
I had this problem when creating a firefox account and also with a new google account when I have already registered a google account in the past and without doing it manually in keepass.
I created manually the entry for google and when I go on google I can connect to this account, on the other hand I tried to create manually the entry for firefox and there the plugin kee does not offer me my connection ID…
I just created an account on the kee forum and there I have the proposal to save my login, and the connection then works perfectly well… I don’t understand.

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When it doesn’t work for a specific site but works most of the time this indicates a problem with the detection of the login form submission. Typically this would be because the website does not actually submit the login form in a way that is detectable by a password manager extension like Kee (some Javascript login systems cause this problem).

There’s unlikely to be much we can do in the short term to address the problem with it not saving but:
a) You might be able to get the form to auto-fill by manually creating the entry in KeePass
b) We’ll keep a note of all problematic websites and investigate them in more detail as and when new technologies and approaches become available for future improvements to Kee.

Thank you for the quick answer!!!