"Set as Keyfox start group" makes problems


i’m experiencing problems with the “Set as keyfox Start group feature”. I’m using Keepass 2.38 (but in 2.37 the same behavour) and Kee

I accidently used “Set as keyfox Start group feature” on a group.
Now Keefox only looks for password entries in this group. All entries not in this group aren’t found.

I’m not able to set the top-level in the tree of my pw-database as start group with “Set as keyfox Start group feature”. There is no error shown, but it is not accepted.

Can somebody help me to set the start group on top-level again?

Thank you

You need to save your database after making the change so make sure you’re doing that.

You could also right-click on the group and click “Edit group”. On the Kee tab, does it tell you that it is the home group? Does clicking the button appear to apply the change to that dialog panel?

Your Hint with “edit group” helped me to find the problem.
I’m using the “google sync plugin” in keepass, which syncs the keepass file to Google Drive everytime i save in keepass. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t sync the newly changed start group in the direction to G-Drive, but instead syncs the old wrong start group from g-drive to my local file.

So i found an fixed the error by setting the group in my local file and upload it manually to g-drive.

Everything is fine now.

Thank you for your help!