Save/update latest not listed in menu

Following the tutorial ( I get to Step 4, and there’s no Save Latest Login in the Kee menu.
It worked fine in the earlier steps (and on most other sites), but some sites simply don’t show the Save Latest Login option.

Kee 2.1.26
Firefox 58.0.1 64 bit
KeePass 2.36

Did you definitely make a change to the login so that it is different from those already stored in your password database?

Apart from that, I can’t think of what might cause this - it’s not something I’ve seen before and I’ve just tried and failed to reproduce it so if you can provide more detailed steps to reproduce I can investigate further.

What operating system do you use?

Do you have any other addons installed in Firefox?

Mysteriously today it’s working.

I definitely had made a change - pasted in a long random password over the “test” password I put in initially.

Windows 10. I have a stack of other addons :smile: If I see the issue again, I’ll start a fresh profile and try and reproduce it with just Kee.

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