Possible bug on particular website(s) - date gets reset to today

I’ve been using your extension for a long time and have never seen this sort of issue before, but you did just push out (what appears to be) a major update, so it COULD be related to that.

I use the website “goodbudget.com”. I noticed today that when I edit transactions on that site, the date gets messed up*, but ONLY when the KEE addon is enabled. I don’t know if it’s Kee that needs to fix something or Goodbudget, but something isn’t playing nice between the two.

  • More detail to “messed up”:
    On the site, I can edit a transaction. When I do, I get a modal pop up and it has, among other fields, the date of the transaction. I can see that the date is something in the past. When I hit the update button, the date gets set to today. Again–this may be strictly on their side, but I see that it only happens when Kee is enabled.

I suppose that you have a Kee entry for this website? If the Kee update has changed the behaviour of this entry such that it is being incorrectly filled into a date field somewhere, you might be able to fix the issue by asking Kee to save a new entry (and you can then delete the old one from Kee Vault or KeePass). This sometimes improves form filling accuracy after either an update to Kee or the website in question.

If that doesn’t help, I can investigate next week whether any of the little changes in Kee 3.5 could cause an effect like this. In the mean time, if an incorrect auto-fill of an entry is indeed the cause of the problem, you can workaround this by changing the entry to never auto-fill (look in the entry settings in KeePass or Kee Vault).

Well, sort of. I use KeePass with the Kee Plugin. I have a KeePass entry for the login page specifically, but there are no settings specific to Kee.

My KeePass and Kee-specific settings are here. Since I’m limited to a single picture, I’m putting them all together.

The URL of the page I’m on is “https://goodbudget.com/home”, which doesn’t match the URL entry on the KeePass main page (which is at /login instead of /home).

I was going to share what the modal I referred to looks like, but again, I’m limited to a single picture.

The thing that is very interesting is that the date field is correct when I pull it up (and I never see it change). I would think that if Kee was just incorrectly filling the wrong box, I would see that here before I submitted anything. However, once I submit, the entry is updated to use today’s date.

Another interesting thing is that if I have the Kee extension enabled, but KeePass is not running, the error does not occur.

I did try that and didn’t see any change in behavior. Here it the form I referred to in my last reply. I’ve included some information from the developer tools details in case that help you at all:

That field on the web page looks like a standard text box, rather than a date input field, so it is definitely possible for Kee to be trying to fill it in. It’s strange that you don’t see any visible evidence that this is happening but the fact that the issue occurs only when your KeePass entry is available to Kee does strongly indicate that this is what is happening.

You should be able to fix the issue by either changing the “Entry behaviour” / “Auto-fill” to “Never” or by changing the “Minimum URL match accuracy” to Exact.

Alternatively, adding “date” to the blacklist of form field names within Kee should also have the desired effect. You could make this a site-specific setting for just goodbudget.com but it is probably also a safe candidate to be included in the blacklist for every website - I’ll consider adding it to the default configuration for new Kee installations in future.