Open Login Web Page in New Browser Tab

Using Kee browser extension with KeePass on Firefox. One thing I don’t like is having the login web page opened in the current tab which replaces the web page previously open in that tab.

Instead, I want the login web page opened via Kee to open in a new browser tab (adjacent to the current tab) - this is the way KeePass works.

I’m not seeing a Kee option to select this behavior.

So, I’m either missing something or requesting a new feature.

Any enlightenment appreciated. TIA

I don’t like that either. But when you middleclick on the entry in Kee the page opens in a new tab. But I often forget this. So I suggest an option to have the behavior the other way round: leftclick opens in new tab, middleklick opens in same tab.

Thanks! Did not know that. And it does work for me so acceptable for now.

Yes, agree with your suggestion - make more sense!