'Offer to save passwords' setting no longer working after upgrading kee 2.2 on ff58.x

Tried turning the option on/off with restarting firefox but no luck. Kee 2.2 is synced with keepass & if I click the icon I can select the ‘save last login’ & it will save. I just sometimes forget & really miss that little popup notifier. Please add/fix it when you get a chance. Sorry for the negativity, the addon has been wonderful & very helpful since I started using it a couple years ago.

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The popup notification only displays a handful of times so that you can learn to click on the icon when you want to save a new password but not be interrupted at the majority of other times when you are not interested in doing this. Keefox don’t offer save password goes into more detail if you’re interested in discussing it.

However, in Kee 2.2, I introduced a bug which meant that these notification popups would not even appear for those first few times so if you had yet to see them, you will find that they appear for a short while when you upgrade to Kee 2.3.