New project documents

I’ve started work on new project documentation, with initial effort focussed on the areas that are entirely missing or incorrect.

Some notable new information so far is:

  • Contribution guidelines summary - An overview of where you should go in order to ask for or offer various kinds of help and contributions. I hope that this will help us to centralise the majority of our efforts on this community forum but there are of course a variety of cases where effort needs to be directed at other locations such as our GitHub project or Transifex language translation project.
  • Detailed contribution instructions - if you’re doing more than asking or offering community forum help, you should read this. It will help explain how you can help to improve Kee most effectively.
  • Code of conduct - this documents the general idea that everyone contributing to Kee must agree to respect each other. This isn’t in response to any known problems but rather just good practice to document what was already the case.
  • Versioning and releases - the first example of documentation on this community forum, focussed on explaining the meaning of Kee versions and the release process.

In the coming weeks I will tweak the above documents and create new documentation pages within this community forum.

If you have any initial feedback about this work, please feel free to ask in the feedback category on this forum. I want that category to allow discussion about all aspects of the Kee project organisation, processes, community and direction rather than be specific to this community forum only.

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