Microsoft Edge Extension

Any chance or releasing a Microsoft Edge browser extension for Kee? A passifox user has tested the conversion of their Chrome extension and it has worked (although some bugs are needing fixed). Thought it would be great that as Kee is moving to a new extension format that works with the new Firefox and Chrome, maybe you would go ahead and do an Edge version as well!

Looks like you already found it but for anyone else reading this topic in future, you can follow and contribute to progress on this feature on the GitHub issue:

I would also like to see an extension for Microsoft Edge (my primary web browser at home).
At work we switch to Windows 10 now and so Edge will be also there the default browser (before it was Firefox).
So at home ad at work I need an extension for Microsoft Edge.
Then I will start using Kee ans also donate.

I would donate 50 US$ to this project!

I also would love to see an Microsoft Edge Extension!
Thumbs Up!