Locking when "never" option is selected


The app can auto-lock (different periods of time options) or you can select the option “never”.

If this last option IS selected:

  1. How (if possible) and when can I lock the app of a device A from another device B?
  2. What other situations will cause the locking? (e. g. re-starting my phone?)
    Thank you
  1. Each device is isolated from the others so there is no real need or ability to control the locked state of one device from another.
  2. There is no fixed set of situations that can cause this because it can vary depending upon your specific model of device. Some common scenarios would include restarting your phone, not using Kee Vault for a “long time”, running very intensive applications on your phone that exceed it’s capacity to keep other applications (i.e. Kee Vault) open, manually clicking on the lock button on the menu within Kee Vault or manually “closing” the Kee Vault (or web browser) application through your device’s task (“running app”) management interface. “long time” is impossible to define - for some devices, on some days it could be minutes, on other devices it could be months.

All of these other situations can also occur if you set a different time period for the auto-lock feature (not just when you select the “never” option).