KeeVault Autostart


Is there a way to have KeeVault start automatically when the web browser opens?


Yeah you can Pin the tab (right-click to find that feature in the context menu of Firefox or Chrome).

Possibly requires changing other settings but for me that causes it to auto-load, along with a handful of other Pinned tabs.


I already pin the tab (in Chrome). This seems to work OK when:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Open
  3. Pin tab
  4. Close Chrome
  5. Open Chrome and is opened automatically as a pinned tab

However this is what happens at least 50% of the time:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Open
  3. Pin tab
  4. Close Chrome main browser window, leaving Chrome running in the background/tray - Or - Leave Chrome main browser window open and just do an OS shutdown.
  5. Open Chrome and Chrome reports not having been closed down properly and therefore asks to restore the previous session, to which I 99% of the time don’t want to.
  6. is not automatically opened (pinned or otherwise)
    (Note: The above is also the case when working on multiple systems - home laptop, work laptop etc …)

This is another reason why I think KeeVault should be opened as an add-on/extension rather than just a browser tab/website. As it is right now its not reliable and more than half of the time I have to manually open it.


Thanks for the information. I’m sure we’ll be able to find a way to cut down how often you have to manually open it.

I’m not sure what you mean about this also being the case when working on multiple systems. Can you clarify please?

From what I understand, you want to change the way that Chrome treats Pinned tabs (I was not aware of this session recovery detail before, probably because 99.9% of the time I would want it to recover itself after it crashes).

Maybe look into ?

If that works nicely, we could look into whether we can develop a similar technique within the Kee browser extension so that the option can be configured within Kee. There’s a good chance this approach would work on Firefox too, if there are ways in which that can be configured or crash in order to cause this same problem.

If that’s no good, there are a couple of other suggestions in this ChromeOS topic, which will probably apply to Chrome on any platform:

Or there’s some instructions to change the way Chrome loads by using the command line:


I’m not sure what you mean about this also being the case when working on multiple systems. Can you clarify please?

After further testing it seems to be this:

  1. Home laptop using Chrome with KeeVault open and pinned
  2. Home laptop lid closed (goes into suspend)
  3. Work laptop started up and open Chrome
  4. Chrome reports not having been closed correctly and requests to restore previous session
  5. Request denied (by myself)
  6. No KeeVault - have to open it manually.

Maybe look into ?

When installing the extension I am informed that this extension will be able to read my browsing history. Uhm … no!

Automatic opening of such a vital tool, without added configs and/or extensions, is a must imo. In promoting it to other people is immediately cause for hassle.


So I think I found another use-case in which pinned tabs just doesn’t cut it:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Open KeeVault tab and pin it
  3. Open some tabs/sites
  4. Open another Chrome window with some tabs/sites open
  5. Close Chrome without closing each Chrome window - this can be done by either rebooting, shutting down, or just right-click on the Chrome tray icon and selecting Exit.
  6. Start Chrome up again and it prompts for restoring previous session.
  7. Choosing to restore previous session will only restore the most recent Chrome window which was active - so if the last window you had selected was the one without KeeVault pinned you won’t get KeeVault restored.
  8. Choosing not to restore previous session leaves you without the KeeVault tab as well.

In short - Pinning the KeeVault tab is not a dependable solution for having KeeVault open automatically, and quite frankly I think this is a very basic function of any browser-based password manager extension/plugin and should certainly be working 100% for a paid product.


Thanks for the additional use case. It’s very interesting and helpful to see the different ways that people use web browsers.

Any type of automatic action taken by an extension has to be considered very carefully. I’ll weigh up the benefits of offering something like this against the risk of the feature misbehaving or behaving unreliably. If it is not technically possible to implement this 100% reliably, I will lean towards not doing so at all since I think this is a worse situation for people to be in than getting into the habit of clicking the “Open Kee Vault” button after starting the browser. Hopefully there is a reliable way to implement this though, and in the mean time I would be interested to hear if anyone else feels that this is a feature we should prioritise.


Is there a reason why KeeVault has to open in a tab to begin with? Why can’t the extension have the KeeVault login instead?


Commenting on this again as it continues to be a royal pain. On a daily basis I am hopping from one PC to another (home and office) and working with multiple Chrome windows … and the pinned tab “solution” is such a headache.

Why can’t this extension offer the option to have open automatically? Then wherever I am logged in to my Google profile on Chrome it will not only have the Kee extension, but also open KeeVault.