KeePassRPC and 3rd party apps

So I’m playing with a fork of some Go code that talks to KeePassRPC (, and noticed that I wasn’t getting all of my passwords for some reason. I use KeePass to store a whole bunch of secrets, and some do not have URL passwords (like, for example, passwords for physical machines).

So the GetChildEntries call has this line ( which skips an entry if there is no URL. Is this use case useful for the web browser case, or can it be removed to use KeePassRPC in a more generic setting?

Yes and yes. I wouldn’t want to change the current behaviour for web browsers but I think it’ll be pretty easy to make a backwards compatible change - probably along the lines of a new public GetChildEntries entry point (although if optional parameters will work with JSON-RPC we could try that - it’s been many years since I looked at the functionality of that part of Kee).

Would you be interested in making a pull request with changes along these lines?

No problem. I’ve put in a pull request - it’s a bit rough - it compiles, but I haven’t battle tested it yet. More of a springboard for discussion.