Kee sometimes takes a long time to detect that keepass is unlocked


I often run into the following situation:

  1. KeePass is not running
  2. I visit a website that requires my login
  3. I start KeePass and unlock the database

Now at this point, I sometimes have to wait for up to 10 seconds until Kee notices that I started KeePass and that the database is unlocked.

Having to wait for Kee here interrupts the flow of whatever I am currently doing.
It feels like Kee is programmed to scan for whether KeePass is running on a fixed interval. Meaning if I just “missed” the interval, I have to wait until the scan gets triggered again.

A second, maybe unrelated issue to this is: If Kee detects that KeePass is now running, it doesn’t re-scan the page for forms it could fill.

The combination of those two behaviors is that I then have to reload the page in order for Kee to fill out the form so that I can finally login to the website.