Kee sometimes takes a long time to detect that keepass is unlocked


I often run into the following situation:

  1. KeePass is not running
  2. I visit a website that requires my login
  3. I start KeePass and unlock the database

Now at this point, I sometimes have to wait for up to 10 seconds until Kee notices that I started KeePass and that the database is unlocked.

Having to wait for Kee here interrupts the flow of whatever I am currently doing.
It feels like Kee is programmed to scan for whether KeePass is running on a fixed interval. Meaning if I just “missed” the interval, I have to wait until the scan gets triggered again.

A second, maybe unrelated issue to this is: If Kee detects that KeePass is now running, it doesn’t re-scan the page for forms it could fill.

The combination of those two behaviors is that I then have to reload the page in order for Kee to fill out the form so that I can finally login to the website.


This is correct. It can be over a minute on systems with certain network configurations (due to a Firefox bug relating to WebSockets). It’s a shame but there is probably no feasible way to change it without re-writing the extension to require the installation of another program. We’ve not got any plans to do this in the foreseeable future but we’re tracking the relevant issue on GitHub and would accept a PR.

We probably could do this; I thought we already did but I may be remembering details from KeeFox before we had to rewrite it to work with Firefox 57+. Is this still the case with Kee 3.1?

You could use the Ctrl-Shift-6 keyboard shortcut (or the context menu) to “Find matching logins” to avoid the page refresh.

A broader workaround (as mentioned in the GitHub issue) is to keep KeePass running (but locked) at all times since it’s only the initial detection that KeePass is running which is subject to the networking limitations).