Kee permission to end user data

The Privacy Notice says that there is no Privacy Policy after version 1.7.
When trying to download 2.0 it asks me for the following. Can you explain?

Kee does not send any data outside of your local machine so there is no need for a privacy policy.

Kee needs a variety of permissions to deliver it’s functionality to you. A list of these is below along with an indication of why each is required.

  • “tabs” and “activeTab” - Core functionality such as detecting web page locations, titles and working around various Firefox and Chrome bugs
  • “contextMenus” - The context menu that is shown when you right click your mouse on a web page
  • “storage” and “unlimitedStorage” - Stores information essential for connecting to KeePass and Kee options
  • “clipboardWrite” and “clipboardRead” - Generate new passwords
  • “webNavigation” - Know when a tab is loading a new web page
  • “privacy” - Prevent built-in password manager conflicting with Kee
  • “webRequest” and “webRequestBlocking” - Log you in to websites that send network authentication requests (also known as HTTP Auth)
  • “<all_urls>” - Operate on all web pages
  • “notifications” - Display temporary notifications about important events

Mozilla keep changing the exact wording of the permissions popup upon installation (and it gets rendered in many different languages) so the above list has a technical focus without an exact 1:1 mapping of permission to displayed bullet point but it’s hopefully reasonably clear what relates to what.