Kee/Keefox problem when using Proxy, wont connect to keepass

This problem has actually been around for awhile, but I was hoping it would eventually be fixed, to re-produce use a Proxy in firefox (I use a socks proxy) , kee/keefox won’t be able to connect to keepass unless I disable the proxy in firefox, after I disable it then it can connect, and I can re-toggle the proxy but it would be nice if it could connect without having to toggle it off / on.

btw I use a proxy that’s integrated into putty ssh client that routes my traffic through ssh to a linux pc on my network, this is useful for example when using a VPN using this method I can toggle between the vpn and local internet when needed …

Yeah if you have a proxy configured to route KeePassRPC traffic to the wrong place, Kee won’t work. This is probably similar to the proxy point in the Troubleshooting guide. You’ll probably need to exclude the KeePassRPC localhost traffic from the proxy.

Does that help?