Kee is autosubmitting some entries

Since the upgrade to Firefox 57, Kee is autosubmitting some entries for me. They have the same autosubmit settings as every other site (“Use Keefox setting” or something like that) but even setting it to “Never” doesn’t change that.

One example you might be able to test: Plesk Onyx web panel.

This makes logging out impossible, unless you close the tab quickly. I’ve tried re-adding the affected entries, changing different settings, but no success. Kee always seems to hit Enter. And no, I’m not using auto-type.

Using the Plesk demo at I can see that their login form is responding to the “change” event that Kee triggers after performing an auto-fill by triggering a form submission.

I’m unfamiliar with the exact code running on their login page but might hazard a guess that they (or one of the Javascript libraries they use) is assuming all unexpected events are submit events.

So this appears to be a bug with the website or its libraries. Exactly where the problem lies might be easier to establish if we can find any other examples of this behaviour.

This is the stack trace from the form submission request:

_initComponentElement/< jsw.js:13545:12
fillASingleField formFilling.ts:284:8

I think that in this specific case, disabling auto-fill (not just auto-submit) on this KeePass entry will workaround the issue.

I have the same problem with Plesk Onyx. Hitting the Esc key at the right moment prevents you from automatically logging in again after the logout.

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Please see Infinite page loading loop when Kee auto-fills a login form. I think the new information there might help you to retain auto-fill functionality without suffering from an instant log-in or infinite page reload behaviour.

Unfortunately those tips didn’t help: Auto-Submit was already set to “never” and the form item list only had three entries: Username, password and locale_id. Deleting the last didn’t help: The login now fails but is still autosubmitted.

Btw, here’s a demo: