Kee fox won't fill in the password for this site.?

I got how to get kee fox to save passwords but it won’t fill in the password for this site. When I first logged in I did the “save latest password option”. The password and user name is saved in kee pass under - but it won’t fill it in. When I click the keefox icon it does offer the “save latest password” option but I think this is in case it has changed. I saved it four times using both the create new and update options but it still won’t fill it in. Does it have anything to do with the face that the login screen is a pop up? Most sign ins I use successfully are part of the main web page.
If keefox see a password for a site it usually fills it in with the icon in the username and password boxes. The login for this page stays blank while there is an entry for it in keepass.

I’ve seen this problem a few times. In at least some cases I’ve found that it was because the url of the original registration screen wasn’t the same as the usual login window. In those cases, I was normally able to solve the problem either by manually entering the login details (copied direct from the Kee database) and then saving that as a new ‘save latest password’ entry, or else by editing the saved url details to make it less specific to one particular screen. At present, I find the first of these methods preferable, if it works, as you can then open a site straight from Kee using right click, Urls/Open with… .

I had to do a version of option 1. When the pop up was on the screen I selected “save last password” then , “create new password”. The keepass edit screen came up I guess since this was before I had entered the username or password. I typed them in in the appropriate keepass boxes then closed that screen. Now it fills as it should. The funny thing is the saved URL is still Before, after I signed in and the pop up closed there was no option to “save last password”, but when I did it while the pop up was still there I was able to get the “save last password” choice.

I don’t know why I couldn’t get the “save last password” choice after I had logged in and the pop up went away. On some sites the login is a different page and after sign in you are redirect back to where you were. In those cases I have been able to save and auto fill my passwords as expected. Why would the login pop in here work different?

I don’t think this is a firefox specific issue and if this is the case I am disappointed 2.0 wasn’t even tested on their own support site.

Were you aware of the kee/urls tab in the keepass entry?
There you can add additional urls to match and/or make sure it fires on the domain only.
Sometimes if I am having trouble or the site changed a url I will add just the domain as an entry so it will be picked up. That works unless the login actually jumps to some external cross domain (not very common).
Still as @kevin says many time registration and login subdomain may not be the same.

My SOP is NOT to “save” after registration login but immediately logout and log back in then save/create at that point. To avoid loosing a generated password in the clipboard I temporarily put in in an open text file during registration. To double check all is well I usually do an additional logout/login to make sure keepass has the entry and kee is injecting it. At that point I can close that text file without saving.

It’s a bit of a hassle but only needs to be done once per site and takes care of this issue.


Also related I have noticed that some sites (like banking sites) don’t allow a pasted password. But one can trick it by simply typing a space in/after the password and deleting it the page will then think you typed the password. The alternative would be to try autotype for that entry. I chuckle that banks think that feature makes their site more secure. All it does is make users want to have a short password and not use a password manager which obviously provides more secure passwords.