Including or excluding forms

This is a draft. It’s better than nothing but is based upon an imperfect example and lacking screenshots so a lot more work is required. Feel free to suggest a better example if you work through one before we have time to complete this document.

Kee 3.5 and earlier referred to the Include list as “Whitelist” and Exclude list as “Blacklist”.

Kee tries to estimate which forms are login forms and which are not. It’s technically impossible to get this right every time on every website so we try to strike a balance between offering to fill and save passwords on nearly all login forms while avoiding doing so on too many other forms such as search boxes, contact forms or surveys.

If one of your regularly visited sites contains a form that Kee does not correctly identify as a login form (or vice-versa), you can usually override Kee’s behaviour by using the advanced functionality within the Kee Options tab.

The following example walks through marking a form as a login form by utilising the “Include list” functionality. You can do the opposite by using the “Exclude list” functionality.

Note that this configuration affects the detection of forms rather than the selection of login entries to be filled into a form. Just because Kee identifies a login form, does not necessarily mean that it will find a suitable entry to fill into that form, nor that it will be able to identify exactly how to automatically fill or submit that form. These are separate concerns so you will occasionally find that even by following these steps, the full Kee functionality may not be available on the website for the whole host of reasons discussed elsewhere on this forum (most commonly that the website uses custom Javascript which prevents password managers from interacting correctly with the login form).

To add a form to the Include list, you first need to find one of four identifiers for the form:

  1. The form ID
  2. The form name
  3. The ID of one of the fields within the form
  4. The name of one of the fields within the form

Usually you would do this by right-clicking on the username box and selecting “Inspect element” to open the browser developer tools. The item you right-clicked on should already be selected but if not, you may need to navigate the source code of the page to find a suitable form field or the form that contains the field.

Once you have found a suitable form field or the form itself, look at the attributes in the source code and try to find one called “id” (preferably) or “name” and make a note of it. In this example we will use the ID of a form field “MainContent_txtMembershipNumber”.

Now go to Kee Options and select the radio button to switch into “specific website” mode.

Type the part of the URL that you want this setting to apply to. In this case, we will use “” and change the option on the popup panel to “domain” which will enable this configuration to apply to all web pages that are part of the domain name (including, for example, You can be more specific if necessary, or adjust how accurately the address of a web page must match the text you enter for the “target”. Very advanced users may want to change the weight from the default of 100 but for most people you can just click “Save”.

Next, enable the checkbox next to the relevant part of the “Finding forms” configuration section and paste the identifier you found earlier into the box. In this case, we’re Include-listing a “Text field ID”.

NB: It appears that a bug in the options page on some versions of Chrome means that you must click outside of the box once you have entered the identifier or your change will not be saved. We’ll remove this notice when Google fix the underlying bug in their browser.


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What’s about websites which are not using ID and name?
For example, like on: “”.
Is there a solution I don’t realize, or an feature/fix update planned?


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I get a issue on Login | Shop Deutsche Post and similar sites. Kee fills the Captcha with some of my custom form fields.

Password and username works fine.
I got a extra form field

  • Name: email
  • Value: {S:E-Mail}
  • Id: email
  • Type: text
  • Page: 1

I cannot create a “empty” value form field, which would be a workaround. Another idea would be to add a form field “blacklist” per name and id. The “Type” would be “blacklist” or similar.



Please add this feature