How can I set the Kee unique id?

Hi together,

I have a little question to the configuration.
In the old version before upgrading to FF 57, I had defined for every machine manually the unique id for authorization with KeePass in the user.js. This was necessary because only on this way I do not reauthorize after every start.

After the upgrade to FF 57 and Kee is this with the old parameter not more possible.
On which way is this now possible or is this function currently missed because of the new WebExtension platform?

Thanks and best regards

I seem to recall that this relates to preventing problems when using Firefox Sync?

If so, I expect that this configuration shouldn’t be necessary anymore because Kee uses local storage which does not get synced (enabling sync of some selected preferences might be a feature for later down the line but there was limited support for that from Firefox when I looked earlier in the year).

If not, maybe explain the problem you’re trying to solve by setting the ID and we can see if there is another approach we can take.

Exactly I used it in the past because of problems with Firefox Sync.
And the same problems or maybe only the same symptoms I have now again.

I sync firefox with at least three computers (Win 8.1 and Win 10) and every time when I restart a computer or often only Firefox I get the screen to reauthorize the connection to KeePass with a new password. I use the security level “Low”: