Help and support

There are many support resources available for Kee users. To benefit most quickly, please look at the resources in order:

  1. Complete the getting started tutorial

    The first parts of the tutorial will help ensure your Kee setup is working correctly (including troubleshooting tips on the first page of the tutorial). If that doesn’t help, there is a lot more advice in the troubleshooting topic.

  2. Read or search the documentation

    The documentation on this forum is constantly being updated. It is a good starting point once you have understood the basic issues in the tutorials above.

    Note that the Kee documentation is not yet complete. The KeeFox manual is partially relevant to Kee but use caution.

  3. Search this community forum

    Search for any documentation you missed earlier or questions and topics created by other users which are relevant to what you are interested in.

  4. Ask for help here

Kee is a free application developed and supported for the most part by one developer in their spare time. Therefore, we are not always able to provide detailed and timely help to every user. Posting new questions on the support forum should only be considered after looking for the solution to your question in the locations above but we will try to help you as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding.

If you need help with a sensitive topic that shouldn’t be discussed in public (such as the discovery of a potential security flaw) you can send a private message to luckyrat.

All content in this forum should be written in English. We wish to be as inclusive as possible though so are interested in your thoughts on how we can best involve people that do not have a strong grasp of this language. If this is something that you are interested in, this meta topic is the best place to start.

Helping Kee: If you find that your problem is not easily solved using the resources already available (e.g. you needed to ask for help on the forum or spend a long time trying different ways to solve the problem) please add some useful information to the relevant topics and documentation so that others can solve similar problems more quickly in future.


Please reply to this topic if you have comments or suggestions relating to the content of the main topic post. If you have other questions or would like help or support with something else, please start a new topic.

how do i even start a new topic …

ok finally - click on the bottom to Browse all categories and then finally you get a navigation on top right to start new topic.


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Discourse’s reasoning here is that it should be easier to find existing topics than to create new (probably duplicate) ones.

I’m not sure how well that will work for us in the long run but suspect these first few weeks will be a little less than ideal since there’s not a huge source of existing topics yet.

There are possible ways I could modify the forum to make the new topic button easier to find but I definitely won’t consider that for a while yet.

PS: Discourse is the name of this forum software in case you didn’t know.

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plugin kee of firefox lost after firefox update to 66.0.3.
Reinstallation impossible
“Download fehlgeschlagen. Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Verbindung.”


Hi, this issue has been already reported and there is an explanation here: All Mozilla Firefox extensions broken

PS: Please explore the forum before posting issues because somebody might have already asked and resolved it :wink:

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