Falsifyed URL

In KeePassXC I’ve configured my login data with a link to MEGA cloud as mozilla extension: ‘moz-extension://…’.
If I try to use these data in the Kee browser extension, I get “No matches found for this site”.
Now I’m surprised about the following: in the base line of Kee browser extension widget is written “You have previously granted Tusk permission to fill passwords on http://moz-extension/”.
Why this wrong url http://moz-extension was created by the Kee extension?

I’m afraid I don’t understand this post. Is it about Kee, KeePassXC, Tusk, MEGA or Firefox?

Kee can only save the URLs that Firefox supplies to it so if it really has saved this moz-extension URL it is because some other part of this uniquely complex configuration has told it to.