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I love Kee!
Currently Kee takes over the input tags on a web page. This behavior is fine most of the time but in some instances it breaks the functionality of the page. A good example is my Asus Router configuration. It is unusable with Kee enabled. It would be very handy to have an option to enable and disable Kee. What do the rest of you think?

It’s an interesting thought. Although my preference would be that Kee somehow be prevented from inserting the extraneous icons in the first place, this might be an option. Perhaps instead of on/off functionality, it could be more of a “pause,” wherein the icons are removed until you leave the site or close the tab.

There was some further discussion of this issue here.

FWIW, for my ASUS router, my KeePass entry contains the the full login entry ( and under the Kee | URLs tab I’ve set the minimum URL accuracy to “Exact,” which prevents Kee from affecting other pages in the router configuration.

You can disable the addon and re-enable it whenever you want using the standard add-ons/extensions feature of your web browser (but if you uninstall it, you’ll lose all your settings). Of course, you could lock your KeePass database to achieve a similar effect. Which is faster probably depends on how quickly you can enter your master password!

If you are interested in something less nuclear, follow in the thread Megamind linked to: How to configure the new Contextual Kee buttons

I came here because of the exact issue that the OP mentioned. Kee is screwing my my Asus router configuration pages.

I’m quite baffled that there isn’t a simple option to just disable Kee on selected sites. I do see that the extension settings allow site-specific configuration, but I can’t figure out how to use that to disable Kee on a specific site.

Currently the only solution I can find is to disable the extension when I’m working with an affected site, then reenable the extension afterward. This is a hassle.

The above post refers to the discussion of contextual buttons. I don’t see that as being directly related. I think Kee should have a simple blacklist of sites where it will be disabled.

I suggest a simple option in the toolbar button to “Disable Kee on this site”, kind of like how the ublock origin or other extensions can be toggled via the toolbar button. This would be simple and easily discoverable from the user perspective.


I don’t see any progress on this topic of a “pause” or “site blacklist” feature for the Kee add-in. This seems like a basic enough feature that I’m surprised more users haven’t requested it. I’m running into this problem of Kee being over aggressive in mapping password to non-password fields, and it would sure be great to have a more convenient way to prevent this on a per page basis. Keep up the great work.

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yeah a simple pause or “disable for this site” option would be grand.

Substack’s settings menu is unusable with Kee