Custom entrys / fill doesn't work


My name is Ciprian, i am new here. It is nice to meet you all.

I have a problem and i am hoping you guys can help me

I want to create a custom entry for Riot website for example.
User: ciprian - OK
Pass: **** - OK
This is what keepass saves.

Now what i need is to add 3 more:

Custom server ratio form field
I added:
name: configVisible
value: on
id: advanced
type: radio

First URL
I added:
name: hsurl
id: hsurl
type: txt

Second URL
name: isurl
id: isurl
type: txt

Now kee fills user and pass but never does the rest of 3 forms and checkbox I need.

What I am doing wrong?

I use Windows 10, Firefox 64 bit latest version, kee plugin

Hi Ciprian,

Unfortunately that website has configured those form fields to be contained outside of the main login form (in fact not even inside any form). Unless their settings are persisted independently of your login to the website it’s probably an oversight by their developers.

Kee will only fill in one form on a web page; to do anything else would lead to bugs and weird behaviour on many websites so there is nothing else that you can do to get those other form fields filled in. I don’t recall in nearly 10 years that I’ve heard of a website where that design choice has failed us before today. I’m sorry that it’s caused you some confusion but I expect you won’t find many other examples like this and it’s hopefully just a small bug that the website owner will fix if you notify them.

From Kee’s perspective, there is one potential change we could make that would help here but I won’t consider implementing it unless it is proven that this type of web page design is going to become more prevalent. Specifically, we could treat “lost” form fields like these that are floating around all over the web page as a part of the form that we detect as being the login form. There is no guarantee that this won’t break a large number of other websites though so it’s definitely not something I’ll be rushing to implement.

If you or anyone else finds other examples where this is the cause of custom fields being omitted from the login form, please post a reply here.

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Thanks for your answer, much appreciated!