Auto-submit when entry selected from search results

I am glad that the search function is back again. The only thing I am still missing is the auto-type for the selected entry. I know that there is a setting to auto-fill and submit credentials for a page, but I can’t use this because I often have several login data for one page.
So normally I use the search function and select the login I want to use. I expect the selected entry to be auto-filled and submitted. This is not working for me. Does anybody else is experiencing this behavior? Is this the normal behavior? Or is it just my setup?
Thanks a lot for your answers :wink:

Sorry for the delayed reply, I didn’t really understand your question but your recent post on GitHub has helped clarify it for me.

This is the expected behaviour - in KeeFox we were able to override the auto-fill and auto-submit behaviour after someone clicked on a search result but during the rewrite for Kee 2.0, it was not possible to add this feature. I’m not yet convinced that it is desirable to recreate the feature but if enough people are interested we could at least add it as optional behaviour.

From a technical perspective, I think it would be possible to introduce this feature but I’m still not convinced that Firefox has finished ironing out all the bugs that might impact on the implementation of this feature so there may be a number of bug workarounds that we need to add or remove before we can get this to perform reliably and it is therefore a feature that has a high risk of taking a long time to implement.

So all things considered, it’s not really on my list of features to consider adding in the short-term but I’m happy to see where the discussion here takes us and potentially raise the priority of implementing it if it’s what people think is important at the moment.