Authorise New Connection every time I start Firefox

Hi Luckyrat, as a usually happy user of the Kee-plugin for Firefox I now get every time when I start Firefox the window “Authorise New Connection”, which is very annoying. I have to fill in the password first, then I can use Firefox. Keepassv2.3.7 is running all the time, it starts when Window starts. It does not make any difference if I am logged in into the Keepass database or not. When I start Firefox, voila, the Kee window “Authorise New Connection” pops up and I have to fill in the password to be able to use the browser. This did not happen before, now I have Firefox 57 running and Kee is v2.0.0.25

Thanks & Regards

I have the same problem ever since upgrade to KEE. Anybody have some help please?

Please see if the new Troubleshooting guide helps.